The Think Tank Client Testimonials



“We are continuously surprised by how well they know our product and how quickly they train newer team members to know all about our brand and industry by heart.

Planning and launching a new collection amidst a pandemic is surely not an easy thing, however The Think Tank made it easy by their level of creativity, dedication and timely response. We needed to move fast but wisely, and TTT was able to grasp the idea easily and deliver accordingly.

The name of the collection was also a brilliant suggestion that sums up our brand characteristics like no other.

If there was a rating then it´s a big 10"

Hend Aburamadan, Marketing Manager, Neolith®



"We asked The Think Tank to come up with ideas to tell the story of 30 years of travel innovation to industry colleagues, media, digital influencers, Amadeus customers and employees.

Think Tank’s ideas really blew us away. The scrolling parallax site and video timeline was the perfect vehicle to hook in industry colleagues and tell our story in a meaningful way. Their creative direction really stood out with users spending well-above average times interacting with and sharing the campaign.  As an EMEA regional initiative, The Think Tank navigated the multiple stakeholders and contributors with ease, delivering on time, on budget and beyond all expectations."

Robin Colbeck, Marketing Communications Manager, UK & Ireland 


The Super Asendian Campaign ran for the second year and we needed something different and innovative to engage with all employees. That’s where The Think Tank helped with developing a great concept and helping us deliver it.

The campaign was a great way to create team spirit and challenges for the employees. It also helped us to foster and further strengthen innovation mind-set within the company. We will benefit from it by integrating the selected projects wherever possible in our business and create new challenges out of them.

We thank The Think Tank for the creative and fun ideas which helped us get so much internal success and for their support throughout the whole process”

Gabriela Zurbruegg, HR Consultant, Asendia


LEICA Geosystems

“The Think Tank was tasked with creating a campaign that raised the profile of 3D mobile mapping solutions globally, educating audiences to the benefits, applications and implications of this new technology, as well as promoting the Leica Geosystems solutions.

The strategy developed met our objectives, with a strong communication of ‘Enabling Understanding’, and was based upon content delivery and prospect engagement, whilst also encouraging secondary interaction and lead generation through remarketing.

The campaign provided Leica Geosystems with wide exposure for our solutions, educating audiences of their benefits. It reached a global audience efficiently and delivered a significant level of internet traffic, interaction with content and subsequent lead generation, not only for mobile mapping but also across a wide range of other Leica Geosystems products.

The campaign was from concept to execution innovative, successful and truly engaging, delivering interaction beyond expectations and providing us with additional customer insights through detailed analytics reporting."

Viviana Fuso, Industry Marketing Programs Manager, Leica Geosystems


Oracle Netsuite

“Like many marketing teams, we had lots of content which talked around our core messaging, but it was all very long, hard to digest and becoming increasingly outdated.

We wanted to bring a fresh approach to our content and deliver messages to prospects in an innovative way which reflected our brand values. The Think Tank team created a fantastic campaign which did exactly that – on brand, budget, on time and of an incredibly high standard!”

Richard Boston, Senior Marketing Manager, Oracle Netsuite



“The Think Tank perfectly understood and enhanced the potential of our study, by identifying key audiences to target with content, expertly aligning the effort with NewBase’s business objectives.

Working closely with the research team at NewBase they planned, timed and executed a campaign which maximised results and resonance across all our markets and business areas.”

Caitlin Dillon, Global Marketing Director, NewBase 


Formica Group

“Lifting the Lid on Washrooms was highly successful, not only did it raise our visibility, it also provided collateral for our sales teams and prospects. It was a sophisticated positioning exercise executed in a way that caught people’s interest.

The focus on the end user allowed conversations to start. The insight meant we were able to create a state-of-the-nation report while also having material to address more serious sector specific issues ranging from disability to office attitudes towards unisex toilets. The Think Tank handled a sensitive subject; going to the toilet, lightly and appropriately.

Jennifer Neale, European Marketing Communications Manager, Formica Group 


 gpad london

“Not only was the PR team at the Think Tank focused on driving our media visibility, they’ve been engaging to work with.

From the early days, they’ve been exceptionally ambitious on our behalf going after prestigious media. It’s a big investment for us. They’ve been mindful of this and hungry to land coverage that matters.”

Charles Bettes, Managing Director, gpad London


AluK (GB)

"The launch of the AluK brand into the UK was a complex process of both internal and external communications and required a structured, planned and well executed strategy to ensure that we gained buy-in from existing customers, staff and the market in general, whilst also quickly developing brand perceptions with new audiences and generating enquiries.
The Think Tank quickly gained an in-depth understanding of our business and market and developed a launch and marketing strategy that has had a significant impact upon our business.
With limited in-house marketing resources, The Think Tank has provided support for our business, managing activity effectively and cost efficiently, whilst also delivering the brand recognition and enquiries required to grow our business.
The launch has been a great success and continued marketing efforts are having a positive impact upon the growth of the business."

Russell Yates, Managing Director, AluK (GB)



“When I started my job at HygroMatik, being responsible for all marketing activities, nationally and internationally, I inherited The Think Tank as our PR and advertising agency for the UK market.

Liam Bateman put together a quite impressive and insightful presentation to bring me up to speed on the UK market in regards to our industry but also local customs I should be familiar with, competitors and a review and outlook on the activities. Very, very helpful to get started! Since then, working with them has been everything but complicated. They are quick to grasp, timely, helpful, flexible, attentive and full of ideas and interest. Thanks to The Think Tank, we have been able to make big steps forward in the UK market in regards to brand awareness and sales. We are pleased to have such a great agency fit on our side. Many, many thanks for your support!"

Jenny Lipp, Marketing Manager, HygroMatik GmbH


P C Henderson

"We instructed The Think Tank to handle all of our PR activities in March 2013. When sourcing a new PR Company I was looking for a service that would come up with new ideas and integrate themselves as part of the marketing team at P C Henderson.

From day one they have been an asset to P C Henderson and they have fully involved themselves in the business, taking the time to understand our products and culture. We have also seen fantastic results and we are much more visible in the media thanks to the hard work and creative ideas from the Think Tank. Well done and thank you."

Gemma Smith, Marketing Manager, P C Henderson


SAS International

“From day one The Think Tank ensured that they learned as much as possible about SAS products, process, culture and staff.

Working as an extension of the marketing resource they initially worked on SAS PR. Ensuring that correct messages were sent to the market, regularly demonstrating that SAS was a changing company, and representing our entire product portfolio rather than our core product... Due to the lack of previous SAS PR, the Think Tank built a foundation of key publications to target in accordance with SAS needs which has expanded as our activity has developed."

Andrew Jackson, Marketing Director, SAS International



"The Think Tank has delivered and continues to deliver a complete promotional campaign for us including website, printed collateral and trade press articles. After a period of eight months into this campaign we have already secured orders from some of the world's biggest Oil and Gas companies, in sectors where 1-2 year sales cycles are the norm.

The image The Think Tank has created for us has undoubtedly been key to reinforcing our credibility to these customers, despite our status as a start up business. The awareness generated by significant articles in leading trade press channels has also led to orders from sectors we had considered difficult to penetrate, and thus has helped to grow our business quickly through unexpected channels. The awareness generated is very great for our tiny size because effort has been effectively targeted: a leading competitor has approached us to explore collaboration because we are mentioned to them by every customer they talk to, demonstrating the depth of penetration achieved by the work of The Think Tank team."

Dr. Peter Collins, CEO, Permasense Ltd.



“I selected The Think Tank to work as our marketing agency from a sea of choice. The Think Tank stood out immediately.

They are a tightly knit group of driven, creative people who deliver great results. Some agencies are difficult to work with but The Think Tank make it seem effortless. I will continue to use and support them.”

David Smith, Former Managing Director, Desso



B2B Marketing Magazine and Awards

“The Think Tank have worked with us on our annual awards event for three years now and have done a fantastic job in delivering a showpiece event to a very discerning audience.

They've helped us develop concepts and worked extremely closely with throughout the process to ensure effective delivery. And if that weren't enough, they're very nice people!”

Joel Harrison, Editor, B2B Marketing Magazine



“The Think Tank have produced some terrific, measurable results, often with limited budgets, spend time understanding the market and the issue and are a great all round team to work alongside.”

Craig Frost, National Account Manager, Akzo Nobel


My Retail Media

"Working with The Think Tank has been fantastic for our business. When we decided to redesign our website they were our number one choice, and were nothing but fabulous throughout the work with both the website and blog and its complex set of challenges. They proved to be extremely competent and knowledgeable in all aspects of the work on both the web site and the blog design and transfer of platform and hosts. The result is a website that exceeded my expectations in appearance, functionality, features and content. They provide excellent service combined with creativity that has been instrumental in the success of our marketing approach.

The website that has been delivered exceeded our expectations in functionality and ease of use, providing us with an excellent platform for future growth. The administration system has provided considerable efficiencies and reduced our time costs significantly in managing the content provision and editing. This has allowed us to focus our efforts on marketing the business rather than simply keeping on top of the admin.

The site design has been adapted to allow us to provide a wide range of additional content and advertising, providing us with a demonstrable increase in users and opportunities for additional revenue generation."

Sara Lind, Managing Director, Mym-e Ltd (My Retail Media)