Asendia e-PAQ Internal Communications

Asendia is a global e-commerce and mail delivery company with locations across 4 continents and serving more than 200 destinations worldwide. 

Identifying a need to simplify and unify its branding and product offer, Asendia laid plans to restructure and rename its core services, streamlining its Mail product and creating e-PAQ – its new e-commerce solution. Before rolling out the full market launch of these new products, there was a huge employee coordination and education job to do.

Asendia turned to its long-term marketing partner, The Think Tank, to help with the internal communications challenge.

The Think Tank built, managed and populated an interactive microsite charting the various phases of the project. This site formed a central point of reference for Asendia employees and provided management with an accessible, engaging platform from which they could communicate their vision.

Featuring a prominent timeline, the site helped Asendia employees to visualise the progress of the project and understand how the offer was being rolled out in other territories, as well as helping them anticipate the incremental changes that lay ahead.

In support, an email campaign drove employee traffic and kept Asendians abreast of important developments, while an interactive e-PAQ quiz incentivised employees to learn about the new products and services in a fun way. With more than 150 entries, the quiz proved a highly successful tool for generating interest among Asendia staff.  

Asendia employees were now excited and knowledgeable about the new offer, setting the stage perfectly for the external launch and promotion campaign in January 2021.