The Think Tank was appointed as Asendia's global brand and marketing agency in November 2013 and has been developing several international campaigns.

The distance selling and e-commerce sector is a growth market for business mail organisations around the world, with consumers purchasing more online, which requires delivery.

We were tasked with developing a campaign that would promote Asendia’s international offering whilst also delivering sales leads from major brands.

To encourage engagement, the campaign focused upon content, creating an e-commerce Pocket Guide and a series of Whitepapers that looked at the e-commerce hotspots around the world.

The Think Tank compiled this 36 page guide to regions and countries around the world, highlighting the key opportunities for e-commerce businesses looking to promote their products overseas. The guide was promoted through direct marketing, advertising, social media, and PR, leading interested parties back to a microsite where they could register and download the guide.

The campaign ran across Europe, Far East, and USA, and has resulted in significant awareness of Asendia’s offering as well as sales leads from many of the world’s leading retailers and ecommerce businesses.