The BuildData Group wanted to ensure commonality between the sites of each brand, meaning the Zutec website would need to use a similar layout and structure to the wider BuildData Group brand’s websites while also maintaining Zutec’s unique brand personality.

An additional challenge of designing and building the Zutec website was the need for localised content, as Zutec’s product offering varies between regions.

The Think Tank designed and built a new website for Zutec using a Wordpress multi-site setup that enables Zutec’s customers around the world to see relevant content to them. By creating separate global, Irish and Australian sites with unique domains, Zutec is able to easily display different content to different markets, uploading everything via one master site.

The Zutec website copy was also adapted to reflect Zutec’s updated product classifications and to focus targeting on the construction software brand’s core audiences, including Housebuilders, Developers and Contractors.

The new website makes it easier than ever for existing and potential customers to navigate Zutec’s product offering and find the right solution. For Zutec, the new website is helping to generate new leads and grow customer relationships while clearly demonstrating its place within the BuildData Group.