To open up communication with the target audience about Amadeus’s solutions, we created an identity for a quarterly magazine named Search Matters, using an interactive magazine format to keep people engaged whether on the go or at their desks.

To build anticipation and pique interest,  we created a direct mail piece before the initial issue went out, which included a glossy postcard and a branded kaleidoscope sent to 80 online travel agents including customers and prospects,  telling them to keep their eyes peeled for the magazine..

For each issue, a suite of materials is created including an email and social media posts to promote the publication.

After one year of Search Matters, the magazine has received exceptional levels of engagement with users spending more than seven minutes on average reading each issue. Email open rates are also substantially above typical campaign averages.

Amadeus continue to evolve the programme and build on its success with Search Matters events and workshops for decision makers at online travel agencies.