Our client’s primary aim was to offer businesses genuinely helpful and applicable guidance on how they could make progress with their carbon neutrality strategies. In so doing, BSI sought to cement its position as the pre-eminent yet approachable thought leader in this sphere.

Another important function of the report was to promote the inherent truth that standards (consensus-driven, documented approaches to best practice) provide the best route to success.   

The scope for the paper was to look at carbon neutrality across supply chains through a sector-agnostic lens. While such an approach would ensure broad appeal for the content, it would also prove to be challenging. Collating and expressing such a sprawling and complicated topic in a concise, engaging way without being too granular or superficial would require apt judgement and the upmost tactical clarity.

Given the importance and sensitivity of the subject, any brand wishing to communicate on matters pertaining to sustainability must tread carefully. For BSI as the National Standards Body and a leading authority on best practice, this was particularly true.

A series of in-depth interviews with BSI sector leads helped to guide the content and structure of the piece. From there, an intensive period of desk research, writing, reviewing and editing helped sculpt the piece to ensure it was aligned with the agendas of internal stakeholders, balanced, accurate and sufficiently informative for our audience of C-suite executives and specialists.

The Think Tank creative team utilised BSI guidelines to maximise brand appeal. They also demonstrated the considerable design skill for which they are renowned to ensure maximum engagement and readability.

The hard work paid off. The comprehensive 28-page dossier, packed with exclusive insights, advice, statistics and illustrative graphics, garnered high praise from BSI’s executive board, senior sector stakeholders and – most importantly – BSI clients in relevant markets.

On its release, the report broke BSI records, achieving just shy of 500 downloads in the first 24 hours. It went on to perform strongly throughout the remainder of its promotional campaign, delivering huge numbers of valuable leads for BSI and providing many organisations with guidance on their journeys towards carbon neutrality.