The Knot Churros PR & Media Relations

We concocted a tasty month-long PR plan that would put The Knot Churros restaurant, menu items and range of accessories firmly in the media spotlight, just as affluent Gen Z people were heading back out for brunch.

The Think Tank initially proposed a target of 5-6 press articles. We surpassed this, securing no less than 12 coverage opportunities and 8 already published, including Time Out, Luxuriate Life Magazine, SW Londoner and Secret London.

A major challenge The Think Tank overcame was cutting through the media noise and ensuring The Knot Churros really stood out. We took a targeted approach with angles such as: ‘A picture perfect café serving London’s first churros afternoon tea, ‘The rise of café culture – are these Insta-worthy spots the new venues for teetotal teens to ‘be seen’?’

On the back of The Think Tank's media relations, The Knot Churros gained interest from a broad range of media, from national newspapers, to wedding titles and leading fashion and lifestyle magazines, all keen to feature the impressive and unique café and its accessories collection. We secured a visit from the Mail Online, Secret London and Time Out, to name a few. On social, the campaign gained further traction with sharable images and video.

Journalists loved the fun aesthetic and the unique twist on the traditional afternoon tea.  For example, Time Out said: “Blimey! This looks DELICIOUS. Our audience will love it.”

We also showcased accessories from The Knot Churros sister brand, ‘Bleep by the Knot Churros’, which launched in April. The head stylist at Fabulous Magazine (Sun on Sunday supplement), loved the line, and called in a set of samples to use on cover and fashion shoots she has planned over the summer season. The products will be fully credited each time they’re featured.