Sigma Connected presented The Think Tank with a brief to develop a complete rebrand that would stand out in the world of outsourced call centre solutions. 

Through a comprehensive research process of discussions with key stakeholders, customers and industry experts The Think Tank created a captivating brand positioning and identity with new, vibrant messaging and visuals to ensure consistent internal and external communications wherever the Sigma name appeared, focussing on the difference that is Sigma Connected. 

The new brand identity revolved around the message “We are Sigma Connected, we are different.” It carried the message that Sigma focused on people, enhancing the lives of their employees and communities, while respectfully supporting their clients. 

Through cultural diversity and openness, Sigma’s customers were part of the family. 

This new brand personality was accessible, unconventional (especially in light of their industry) and empathetic. 

“We are Sigma Connected, we are different,” alluded to Sigma’s flexibility, scalability and especially to their personal touch.

The core visual concepts revealed Sigma Connected’s core identifiers: People, Connected and Different. The Think Tank organised a photo shoot that created a “people alphabet,” featuring Sigma team members who posed in the shapes of letters, in the UK and South Africa. 

They spelled important campaign words such as “connection,” “people” and “different,” to be featured in headlines, straplines and key focus points. 

The Think Tank also produced a second visual element, colourful speech bubbles, which reinforced the conversational, approachable personality of Sigma, and the idea of communication. 

Through a lively and comprehensive identity that spoke to the essence of the Sigma brand, The Think Tank created a campaign that truly transformed the company’s image. It allowed Sigma’s true colours to shine, successfully repositioning them as a distinctive industry leader.