Permasense wanted to create a dialogue with the major International and National Oil Companies (IOCs and NOCs).  Its corrosion monitoring system, developed in partnership with Imperial College London and BP, heralds a new age of frequent, repeatable wall thickness monitoring, giving previously unavailable insights into the condition and capability of critical oil and gas assets.

The Think Tank drafted press material and pitched the story individually to over 50 oil and gas publications, both national and international. Over 20 publications, including all key titles identified, printed the press release. We have since worked on pitching in-depth feature articles and arranged interviews for Permasense’s CEO with leading American oil & gas publications that were subsequently printed.

In addition, The Think Tank has been researching global oil and gas conferences, events, and seminars to recommend where Permasense should be participating, entered Permasense into the UK oil & gas awards, and developed a group of interested parties via LinkedIn.

Selected magazines where coverage has been achieved include: Oil & Gas Journal (US); Oil & Gas Petrochemical Equipment (US); NACE: Materials Performance (US); ASME: Mechanical Engineering (US); ASNT: Materials Evaluation (US); International Oil & Gas Engineer (US); Downstream Today (US); New Technology Magazine (Canada); Industrial Fuels and Power (UK); Platform, Oil, Gas & Renewable Technology Review (UK); Tank Storage Magazine (UK); Oil & Gas Eurasia (UK & Russia).