The campaign far exceeded original sales and pipeline estimates:

  • Generated over 30.4 million impressions
  • Produced 122,129 clicks
  • Increased organic traffic by 97% YOY
  • Increased direct traffic by 79% YOY

IRIS presented The Think Tank with a brief to develop a campaign that ran parallel to and extended the UK government's Help to Grow scheme, which supports businesses in their digital transformation. The campaign’s core idea would be that by streamlining and optimising processes, IRIS software can give businesses back time.

The objective was to engage the primary target audience – SMEs – through striking visuals and a clear, memorable message that IRIS could own and perpetuate – Time to Grow. The campaign would address the significant challenges of SMEs, and include a 50% discount on all software, exceeding the scope of the government’s Help to Grow programme.

The Think Tank built the dynamic campaign around the concept of five superhero timesaving experts, “The IRIS Masters of Time,” representing the five IRIS divisions. The heroes were on a mission to save businesses time, thus enabling them to grow, and offering 50% off all IRIS software.

The Think Tank utilised a highly targeted strategy to deliver maximum impact and exceptional results. Rich backstories and identities for each of the characters were developed, and the target audience engaged through a custom microsite, banner advertising and posts on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, continually optimised for maximum engagement and lead generation.

The campaign also included radio ads spread across an 8-week run. These ads alternated week to week for the greatest possible effectiveness.

The Think Tank extended the reach through digital advertising packages across key SME online media and business sections of national publications, as well as running an out of home campaign, with precise targeting on the London underground rail network and on various bus routes.

To reinforce the messaging and drive additional engagement, The Think Tank employed digital channels to retarget audiences, resulting in considerably higher CTRs and lead generation.

The deployment of The Masters of Time heroes across social channels led to extensive sharing of content across LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, with videos receiving over 45,000 views in a month.

The Think Tank’s unique, engaging concept; creative combination of channels and mediums; effective media buying; and efficient remarketing delivered a highly successful campaign for IRIS, designed to run for many months to come.