The objectives were to initially intrigue the audience with a teaser and then reach out to a wide construction audience across the UK and US markets, communicating the innovative features of this new laser level.

The main innovation that differentiated the Leica Rugby is that its functionality can transform depending upon the application it is used for. To reflect this we created a campaign that featured a chameleon, which blended into construction based backgrounds, quickly and visually demonstrating the USP to audiences.

We created a range of materials, including digital and print advertising, eshots and graphics as well as a launch video filmed on a very cold and wet construction site in Germany during mid-December. You can watch the video here.

The centralised digital campaign used Google Display, Facebook and Native advertising to target and remarket to core audiences resulting in almost 8 million impressions and 16,000 clicks, delivering exceptional interaction and lead generation through downloads and contact forms.

The campaign was deemed a great success and was extended for a longer period to further raise product awareness and increase interaction and response.