Formica Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL). As a heritage brand, it has to continually evolve and demonstrate its relevance; one tactic is to collaborate with the world’s most exciting artists, including this ambitious project with Matthew Day Jackson. 

The partnership designed a unique laminate replicating the dark side of the moon. To create the laminate, designed by Jackson, special etched-metal printing plates were made by Formica Group. Then, in collaboration with furniture designers Made by Choice, Jackson and Formica Group created Kohlo, a furniture collection of dining tables and chairs using the unique laminate. This was unveiled at one of the industry’s most prestigious events, Milan Design Week. 

We amplified the initial furniture launch with targeted media outreach to national, lifestyle and consumer media, as well as architecture and design, and kitchen trade media – both in the UK and beyond. The furniture series was picked up by Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest, ICON, Blueprint, FX, INEX, DesignCurial, House & Garden and Material Source. 

The second phase was launching Kuu, a bespoke textured laminate. This is a scale representation of the moon’s surface derived from images taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. This element was timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, taking advantage of heightened media interest in the topic. The Think Tank conducted a targeted publicity campaign to launch the material across Europe. The Kuu launch was picked up by The Telegraph and Dezeen, as well as an abundance of trade publications in the UK and Europe.

Additionally, The Think Tank approached up-and-coming design makers to secure further collaborations and inspire creatives to make a moon-themed design object or a piece of furniture. 

Blanket coverage in key design media across Europe showed that The Think Tank successfully positioned Formica Group as an innovative, creative and design-led brand. We also challenged the conventional applications of the laminate to demonstrate its possibilities. 


Client Testimonial 

‘We have also built our design clout being featured in respected publications in the UK and Europe with a worldwide reach. The campaign was sophisticated and multi-layered and demonstrates the flexibility, sensitivity and enthusiasm with which we as a company want to back the creativity of real talent.’

Jennifer Neale, European Marketing Communications Manager, Formica Group